This Girl Can

Last year was such an exciting year for us, as we were approached by “This Girl Can” to feature our classes in their upcoming advert.

“This Girl Can” is a campaign that encourages women from all walks of life, shapes, and ages to engage in physical exercice.

The campaign also provides a platform for women and girls to feel proud of their bodies and fully embrace every curve, belly jiggle or skinny legs.

We were super proud our weekly Dancehall classes in London were selected to be part of this huge campaign focussing on female empowerment!

The film crew came to visit us in our weekly Dancehall classes, and we had a blast. Actually the film crew themselves had a blast! They were as excited about Dancehall music and the moves as we did!

We also spend a day meeting women and girls from all over the UK to film the final scene. We met female martial arts practitioners, swimmers, roller skaters, old women, young girls, and all round people with super exciting background and stories to tell.

It was a true celebration of what women are doing and achieving, through the arts, through sports, and the magic that happens when we all come together.

Our Dancehall classes truly focus on becoming a better version of ourselves, through dance. This could mean overcoming a fear, embracing our body shapes, shining light as a dancer, or just being social and making others smile.

Join our weekly Dancehall classes in London now!

(You can join any time of the year.)

We warmly welcome beginners, and we put the advanced students under challenge. We want all our dancehall enthusiasts to experience the social aspect of Dancehall while learning more about the culture and the technique.


Check out the “This Girl Can” video from last year:




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