• Why are classes ending on 31st May 2018?

Cindy has choosen to retire as a dance teacher, focus her energy on her productions, shows, AND… CREATIVITY RETREATS.

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  • Are beginners welcome to class?

YES!  All my classes are tailored to welcome all levels. Dancehall is a social dance. We want to keep this spirit of the culture in class.  Advanced and beginners mingle.  While beginners are warmly welcomed and can improve at their own pace, advanced are being pushed out of their comfort zones.


  • Which age range are the classes aimed at?

Classes are aimed at adults (18+).  Most people are between 24 and 44 years old, however there are younger and older talents attending as well.

Classes are not suitable for children.


  • Do I need to book in advance?

You can:

  • either subscribe for a monthly membership online, which will automatically secure your spot every week
  • or, you can join the classes as a drop-in. Just turn up on the day. We can not take advanced bookings for drop-in students.

You can join us any time of the year. Memberships start from the day you sign up (for example: if you sign up on 12th January, your membership will be valid until 12th February and payment will be taken every 12th of the month)

As a member your spot is always secured! Our membership programs give you access to the Monday or Tuesday classes. Being a member allows you to be a part of a creative dance community and have access to many features, including monthly video tutorials.

If you want to attend the classes as a drop-in, no need to book in advance, just turn up on the day and pay £15 at the door. There is usually enough space for everyone, however occasionally the class gets really packed and sold out. In this case only members can attend class.


  • Do memberships start on the 1st of every month or on the day of subscription?

We made our packages very flexible!

Memberships start from the day you sign up.

So, for example:

If you sign up on 12th January, your membership will be valid until 12th February.

Monthly payments will be taken every 12th of the month.


  • How much is the class if I just want to come in as a drop-in?

Drop-in classes are £15/class. Just turn up on the day and pay the teacher at the door. You can not book any classes in advance as a drop-in.


  • Is it possible to book a private 1to1 class?

Yes!  We have a range of packages for students interested in private classes, please click here for more info.


  • Are students allowed to film the class?

Unfortunately, filming the class on your phone or on any other device is strictly not allowed. If caught/found doing so, you will be asked to delete any footage immediately and may be asked to leave.

I appreciate that you may simply want to share the fun you are having with your friends or want to film the routine to practice at home for example. However, there are many people who do not like being filmed and the easiest way to control that is to prevent it in the first place.

Extracts of class can be found on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Feel free to re-post these.

The routines change every week but sometimes I do film part of the class to help promote it but I clearly inform everyone before I do this so that those who do not want to be filmed can find an area to the side and away from the camera. Filming never lasts that long and has little impact to the overall participation and flow of the class.

I am also filming parts of the class to add video content to the online portal for members. Members get access to monthly video recaps from classes, so they review what we have done if they wish to do so.

So don’t worry about being filmed if you are new or thinking about coming to a class  – if you don’t want to be, then you won’t be.


  • Is it the same choreography every week?

We change choreography every week.

This allows new students to join in easily, and if you are a regular student you don’t feel guilty if you miss one week.

Also, members get access to an online video portal with recaps from classes. So even if you miss a class from time to time, you can always watch some videos afterwards!


  • What should I wear when taking class?

Wear something you feel comfortable in.  Most people like to wear leggings, shorts, or tracksuit bottoms.  Wearing trainers/sneakers is more comfortable than dancing bare feet.


  • Is the class ever cancelled?

In the event that Cindy Claes cannot teach a particular class (injury / touring) then another teacher of the teaching team will cover the class. Members of the teaching team are incredible teachers too.

Please follow Cindy on Instagram (cindy_claes) or add yourself to the Facebook Dancehall Classes group for regular updates. You can also visit the home page of this website where there is a live twitter feed.

Classes are taking place every week, all year long. We ONLY take a break during the Christmas holiday period.


  • How can I cancel my monthly membership subscription if I can no longer attend?
To cancel a monthly subscription is very easy:
– Simply go to your Paypal account and cancel any automatic monthly payments by going to your settings
– Or, check your “Recent Activity”, click on “Payment to Cindy Claes”, then click “View Billing Agreement Details”, then “Cancel”, and “OK”.
Please make sure you cancel before the next payment is taken from your account as we DO NOT offer refunds.
You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.
If you are still having trouble to cancel your monthly payment, here is a step by step process (with pictures!) on how to do so:



  • What is the refund policy?

Please note we have a no-refund policy.

Individuals can sign up for a monthly membership package.

The monthly memberships come with no long term obligations. You can opt out and cancel your subscription at any time.

If you ever want to cancel your membership, make sure you do so BEFORE the next payment is due.

For private 1to1 classes, we have a no refund and no cancellation policy. All private classes paid in advance must be used within a period of 6 months.


  • Are the classes accessible to wheelchair users?

We put in a lot of effort to keep all our workshops and classes accessible. As we are hiring studios across London, we are sometimes sadly faced with restrictions. At this moment in time:

  • our Monday studio can be accessed by wheelchair users, but there are NO accessible toilets on site
  • our Tuesday studio and facility is fully accessible for wheelchair users (lift, toilets, etc)

Please email us before signing up to check if the premises we use for classes / workshops are wheelchair accessible.


  • I cancelled a previous membership but want to join the weekly classes again. Can I benefit from a new special offer?

Unfortunately all special offers are for NEW MEMBERS only.

We can not offer a new discount once you would like to join again.

Please click here to join again as an returning member.