First time doing a Dancehall class with Cindy Claes

Hello everyone!

Just a quick introduction for those who don’t know me. My name is Charlotte and I am currently a final year student on the Dance: Urban Practice course at the University of East London.

As part of this I am now working alongside Cindy on an internship for the next few months, attending her dance classes, working within admin and shadowing her choreographic processes.

I wanted to write a post about her Dancehall class which I attended for the first time on Monday!

We learnt specific steps both old school and new school, from Reggae to Dancehall. Some of my favourite steps from the class were: Hottie Hottie Bogle, The Crusher and Nuh Linga. We then freestyled in partners using steps learnt at the beginning.

I really enjoyed my first class with Cindy. It was so interesting and exciting to learn the historic meanings of some of the dancehall steps I had been dancing socially for a long time.

At the end of the class I had the opportunity to document the routine Cindy taught. I took various pictures and videos and got to grips with some exciting lenses for the camera. I really enjoyed doing this as I could really understand Cindy’s teaching process and watch all of the dancers really get to grips with the routine.

I loved the end routine. It was to the track “Stay So” by Busy Signal and it gave off really chilled, care-free vibes!


I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the class, it was full of energy and the vibes in the room were so positive!

If you’re ever wondering “What dance classes are near me?” or you’ve been at work and you just want to wind down to your favourite dancehall music from artists such as Vybz Kartel or Popcaan, Cindy teaches every week on Monday and Tuesdays!

Come buss a whine with us! Beginners are warmly welcomed. The Dancehall classes really focus on the technique, history and the love of the Dancehall style straight from Jamaica!

See you in the Dance Studio!

Charlotte aka. Char J


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Music Video in Jamaica

I was in Jamaica last month, and I had the opportunity to appear in a music video while I was in Kingston.

The lead crew in the music video is Supreme Blazers, they are a group of about 25 members.

We learn a lot of their steps in class! They are really buzzing and bubbling with energy in the street parties in Jamaica. The music video was shot in their HQ, which they have decorated with graffiti’s and colors representing their names.

This dancehall music video by Voicemail is really really cool!

It was so much fun to shoot this dancehall video! When I saw the outcome and how the videographer used lighting effects in post production, I was truly mesmerised.

Have a look:


I am teaching weekly dancehall classes, we warmly welcome beginners and can’t wait to see you in the studio.


Join us and learn some Dancehall. The class is all about the culture, the origins of the dancehall steps, the social aspect of dancehall.


Come and make new friends, work out, have a boogie, or just enjoy the vibes of Dancehall music,



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This Girl Can

Last year was such an exciting year for us, as we were approached by “This Girl Can” to feature our classes in their upcoming advert.

“This Girl Can” is a campaign that encourages women from all walks of life, shapes, and ages to engage in physical exercice.

The campaign also provides a platform for women and girls to feel proud of their bodies and fully embrace every curve, belly jiggle or skinny legs.

We were super proud our weekly Dancehall classes in London were selected to be part of this huge campaign focussing on female empowerment!

The film crew came to visit us in our weekly Dancehall classes, and we had a blast. Actually the film crew themselves had a blast! They were as excited about Dancehall music and the moves as we did!

We also spend a day meeting women and girls from all over the UK to film the final scene. We met female martial arts practitioners, swimmers, roller skaters, old women, young girls, and all round people with super exciting background and stories to tell.

It was a true celebration of what women are doing and achieving, through the arts, through sports, and the magic that happens when we all come together.

Our Dancehall classes truly focus on becoming a better version of ourselves, through dance. This could mean overcoming a fear, embracing our body shapes, shining light as a dancer, or just being social and making others smile.

Join our weekly Dancehall classes in London now!

(You can join any time of the year.)

We warmly welcome beginners, and we put the advanced students under challenge. We want all our dancehall enthusiasts to experience the social aspect of Dancehall while learning more about the culture and the technique.


Check out the “This Girl Can” video from last year:




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This track is so exciting!

Hi students and dancehall lovers,

2018 is an exciting year! I wish you all to fully embrace your purpose and fall in love with life every single day. May your creative side shine bright and may your energy inspire all.

We have started our Dancehall classes in style this week, and I can’t wait to see even more people next week. We know some people were still enjoying a cosy night at home this week after celebrating New Year heavily (hopefully with Dancehall music and Reggae vibes?!).


I will be teaching a piece of choreography on this Dancehall track from Guadeloupe (Admiral T and Toopiti – Donne Tout). Guadeloupe is an island part of the French West Indies, and the french dancehall scene is a bubbling one!

Listening to this track gives me a smile straight away. I can’t wait to teach you this new piece of Dancehall Choreography made of male steps, female steps and new school steps this upcoming week!


Have a listen:


We got a special offer going on at the moment if you become a monthly member. Join our weekly Dancehall classes, a creative space where you will feel transported to the warm Caribbean islands vibes.



PS: Bring a friend on Monday or Tuesday, feel free to share the experience of dancehall and empowerment through dance with others! 🙂

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Brand new website

Hi dancehall enthusiasts!

We are currently moving all the content and information on our dancehall classes to our brand new website (which you are currently visiting!).

Cindy Claes Productions is going through an in-depth and exciting re-branding process.

Bare with us while we are fixing up the graphics, making the website more user friendly, and add more blog posts.

You can already find all the basic information in regards to our weekly Dancehall classes in London on the website, but we are working behind the scenes to make the website more funky.

You can also visit our previous website, were we are currently still listing the class info too:

So… to a new 2018 exciting year to come… stay tuned and enjoy this beautiful transition from 2017 to 2018!


PS: our weekly classes start back on Tuesday 2nd January 2018!

Full schedule, address and how to sign up: click here

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