Our weekly Dancehall classes in London will end on 31s May 2018.

Read the BLOG POST about Cindy Claes retiring as a Dance teacher - CLICK HERE





MON 28th MAY, 8:30-10pm

at Husky Studios (Elephant & Castle)


TUE 29th MAY 8:30-10pm

at YMCA (Tottenham Court Road)

Looking for dance classes for adults in London?

Love Dancehall or are curious to find out more about the culture?

Want to join a fun work-out?

Would love to join a fun, social, cultural weekly activity?

Need to let loose after a long day at work?

The students are a tribe of dance enthusiasts and dancehall lovers, coming from all walks of life.

Lead teacher Cindy Claes has done extensive research on Dancehall culture as an artist. She fell in love with the culture late 90's when still living in Belgium and training as a young dancer. Since then, she has received several awards for her groundbreaking creative work within the dance and theatre sector, and still continues to travel to  Jamaica to continue her research and professional development. She has also curated the first full Dancehall Theatre night at Sadler's Wells in London in 2014.

While we have a majority of women taking our classes, men are very welcome too! Don't be shy.

In class, we share social vybz, cultural knowledge and dancehall grooves. The class starts with a warm up and we then gradually learn steps, moves and Dancehall foundations. We always end the class with a short piece of choreography. Your dance vocabulary will quickly build over the weeks.

Beginners, advanced, intermediate, all are WELCOME! We tailor the class in such a way that all can progress at their own pace. Dancehall is a social dance form, and we want our students to experience the power and beauty of the social aspect of the dance as much as to nurture technical skills along the way.